01 July 2014

LRT Constructions in KL/PJ is a dangerous road hazard!

LRT constructions in the Kuala Lumpur / Petaling Jaya / Subang area are a real hazard and danger to motorist. Ever since last year when news reports of crane crashing on cars and other debris falling down, I have been wary whenever I'm driving pass any of the LRT construction side, especially when I'm stuck in the traffic just right below the construction itself!

On the morning of 26th June, I was tagging along with my son's kindergarden field trip to Silverbird High 5 Breadtown excursion and was greeted with a massive traffic jam after existing the NKVE Subang toll booth. It was highly unusual for such a massive jam since it was way pass the rush hour.

After awhile I figured there was some sort of mishap along the route and decided to switch on my Waze GPS navigation and try to find an alternate route. The bus that the children were travelling had already found an alternate route way ahead of me, and I couldn't keep up with them being stuck in the muck of things. I decided to meet them at the High 5 Breadtown factory instead.

I did receive a message from fellow Waze users that there was an accident on that route. Using an alternate road I bypass the terrible accident altogether. It was later that I found in the news that there was a terrible accident where a metal beam came crashing down with a couple seriously injured!

Looking at the photo, it looked awful, and to imagine that any of us motorist could have been a victim. And what if a bus load of little children like my son's taska was crushed under? The thought really shudders me.

This brings back to mind that Malaysia has very poor transparency in awarding construction contracts and they tend to favour cronies and companies that are willing to pay bribes to get contracts. The job awarded are not necessary to the most skilled and capable companies. In the end such corruption only makes the general citizen suffers such as this terrible accident.

It is possible the contractor has no proper safety programme and did not put in place safety procedure and as such, a mistake by the construction yard workers causing a metal beam to fall on the unsuspecting road users!

Such accidents weren't the first time. Last year a crane fell onto a car in subang. No one was hurt as the car was just parked by road and the lady was visiting someone. Imagine if she was sitting in the car it would be the end of her!

Ever since after that accident I try to zip by as quickly as possible from such LRT construction zones. And with this new accident in Subang, my fears are not unfounded. Of course if my time is up, then that's it. But I wouldn't want to go to the hereafter this way. On the other I could well survived but end up badly injured for life. Such thoughts shudders me and well, just have to pass by these dangerous LRT hazards and hope for the best.

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