13 August 2013

Hari Raya Puasa over, still quiet

Hari Raya Puasa celebration was over on the last weekend with many doing the usual yearly "balik kampung" pilgrimage, back to their hometown to visit their family, have a family reunion while the children would have lots of fun playing with their cousins and coming up some minor mischief. And some would have taken the opportunity for work lull to go for a well deserved overseas vacation to explore new culture, new sights and take a break from stress of work.

Ikea Benno TV Bench and Cupboard set
For myself, I decided not to go anywhere. My wife suggested we go Raub, but I rather not run around anywhere. For the past many weeks, and the weeks to come, my company have many visitors coming to visit customers and scouting for new business opportunity. With the global economic slowdown as well as the post GE13 election slowdown, some companies were having a tough time meeting sales quota.

The Raya holidays was really a vege out break for myself. The first day I took the family to IPC and the crowd was unexpected. I wanted to look for a new TV bench for the new house at Ikea. It wasn't easy with the crowd and having to mind my highly inquisitive three year old son. I did manage to find some interesting TV bench and took some photo notes for future reference. While the missus shop for some clothing bargains at the Padini sales corner.

I think the highlight for weekend Raya was going to the shopping mall, family dinner gathering and having a stroll at the TTDI park with family members. During the day, the family would hog the Astro channel watching their favourite dramas which I didn't fancy, thus leaving the home theatre system all to myself having a nice midnight matinee while everyone was sound asleep!

I guess that was the only way to go when sharing equipment! Hopefully when we shift to the new house I could avoid all that. My mom-in-law would have her TV in the main living hall, while I snuck myself up on the upper floor in my cozy little corner.

We were merging two households into one, so my current house was kind of mess with boxes all over the place. I could't imagine the amount of junk one could accumulate throughout the years. I would have thought while shifting house, some 50% would have been disposed off, but it was not to be. It felt more like just 10%. Hoarding is a tough habit to break!

Anyway, it was a good quiet Raya weekend with many having gone outstation, left KL pretty much to those that stayed behind to enjoy the peace and quiet.

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