02 August 2013

Crime Rate Bad in Malaysia

Ten years ago, I would have said Malaysia was a very safe country. Today, I would say Malaysia is totally unsafe what with all the serious robbery, muggings and recently hit man style assassination.

I should give credit to Idris Jala in one of his sterling report saying crime rate has actually came down, and whatever was happening was just a perception issue. Politician and propagandist says the darnedest thing, treating the citizen of Malaysia as a bunch of simpletons.

Shooting in Malaysia, crime rate getting bad

Get real man! The big brothers got money to hire bodyguards and could pull at a moment notice for security from the police force. Leaving us guys in the street to fend for ourselves. It was so bad that we have to forked out our hard earned shrinking real income to bolster up security in our housing area. And that too, the robbers still found a way to rob and steal as most people know the housing security has their hands tied down when they sometimes can't really tell between genuine visitors and home owners (being at the scolding end) and real robbers planning for a hit.

Anyway, when recently a string of robberies targeting MPs and high profile assassinations making it into the headlines, don't tell me, this are just perception issue, not real, more like video games stories? Like the controversial game from Grand Theft Auto? When speaking with my friends, they all applaud the daring heist of the robbers targeting the politician. At least now they know how it feels to be at the end of the robbery's stick-them-up. So much that, Khairy now complaints it is no longer a perception issue.

Would be interesting if the break-ins also targeted Idris Jala house since he was the one that said crime was going down. I wonder if he would just say the breaking into his house was also just a perception too.

Anyway, recently I received an email, an article about the top 10 most crime ridden cities in the world. I was shocked to see Malaysia in the list. Sure Malaysia wants to get into the world record for tallest building, biggest pencil, biggest popiah, so getting into the top ten record for crime (and also being the #1 for corruption issue), it seemed Malaysia is getting into world records for the wrong reasons!

Here's the list
1) San Pedro Sula, Honduras
2) Ciudad Huarez, Mexico
3) Maceio, Brazil
4) Acapulco, Mexico
5) Sharm el Sheikh
6) Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
7) Hohannesburg, South Africa
8) Caracas, Venezuela
9) Marrekech, Morocco
10) New Orleans, USA.

I often thought New York, USA would be one of the highest crime ridden cities in the world. But this new list certainly change my perception. And having KL in number 6th spot making it into the list certainly shows the Government is doing a really botched up job.

Perhaps, corruption has something to do with it. After all they go hand in hand. Got caught? Pay yourself out of the situation, especially if you are big brother with wads of cash. For the small guy, too bad for you.

Corruption in Malaysia, the cost of doing business.

No doubt the IGP (Inspector General of Police) is trying to bolster up the police force and trying to rid the street of crimes, and improve their image (yes, there were incidents where their response was really quick). Many issues are still deep rooted and would not be easy to clean up. Especially when the politician interferes with the Police work like massaging the crime and re-categorizing index crime into non-index crime thus showing that crime rate has gone down but in reality it has not, in fact became far worst.

With spread of information very quickly from Facebook and websites, the Government can't hide the real news being spread about. As most folks know the local dailies are heavily censored and giving a very lopsided news, the only way to find out the real truths would require going for the alternative news provided by such sites like Free Malaysia Today (FMT), Malaysiakini, Malaysia Insider, etc.

I hope the Government would do some real job rather than just pay lip service. So the hopefully the criminal breaking in into the MPs house would wake them up to do something, otherwise we may just make it to the number one spot in the international crime list!

[update 13/8/2013]

Finaly, DAP decided to set up a committee to look into the worsening crime rate in the country. Hardly a few days goes by without some shooting incident. We seem to be going the way of Latin America with all these daring shooting. The current government don't seemed to be doing anything, so kudos to the opposition political party to get the ball rolling.

No doubt the top ten most dangerous cities in the world listing may be inaccurate. For I tried looking for related articles online, but this was the only list that shows Kuala Lumpur, most shows countries of Latin America where drug trafficking was rampant or where gun controls were lacking. And there was homicide statistics to back them up. Still it was rather shocking to see the boldness of hard core criminals pulling off dangerous crime to the general public.

Even road accidents weren't spared when a video was uploaded showing ski-masked and parang welding criminals robbing a car accident victim in Johor! That's rubbing salt into the wound! No passing motorist dared to opposed for fear of getting hurt and honking the horns didn't even fazed the daylight robbers.

Daylight robbery in some Johor Bary highway
Source: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yeBFvLa4Pqw

Modus operandi of robbers in Malaysia, they beat up the victims first to soften the target so the victim can't argue and would give up their cash and valuables without question. So you end more like a mugging than a robbery. Crimes are very violent in Malaysia. Perhaps the poorer economic background of the assailants and difficulty to find a job could be contributing factor. Poorer government education system could not be discounted either.

There were also incidents of robbers boldly entering restaurants and eateries and robbing all patrons during the dinner. Such heist could easily nett them thousands of ringgit in cash. But it did dampen a weekly family dinner affair and spoils restaurant businesses as people would be afraid to go out to have a good dinner together for celebration and get together.

Car park malls are no longer safe with reported cases of attempted kidnapping and stealing business owners of day takings.

The state of crime rate is not a perception. It is real. As Malaysian living daily in fear of crime happening on to the person is very high. It is also no wonder motorist keeps bats, screwdrivers, hammers, knife cutters that do not fall within the rule of weapons for self protection.

I hope the DAP committee would come up with some good solution and hope the BN government would pick up on the ideas and not just because it was think tank out from the opposition party (which shows the lack of fresh ideas from the current government, but they should be humble), but because it is the prudent thing to do for the safety of the people of Malaysia.

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