11 April 2013

Malaysia GE13 finally decided on 5th May 2013

Finally the government has set the date for the 13th General Election (GE13). It's been a long time coming and the people has waited a long time for the indecisive PM to set the date. Let's vote and be done with it! We need to get on with our daily life here in Malaysia!

For visitors you could see the election fever heating up with all the banners strewn everywhere. It would be very lively time to visit Malaysia. And don't worry, there would be no crazy Arab Spring style chaos. Malaysians are very peaceful people and all the denomination live very well together. Only the politician wants to divide and conquer thus causing discord in an otherwise very harmonious life together.

As for the balloting day, the current government could have called for an earlier election as being the current ruling coalition, they have the right to call snap election anytime if they felt the situation was in their favour. This was pretty much the same as the British system. After all Malaysia was colonized by them once and we inherited many of their governing system. However letting the term expires shows that the current government has lack of confidence to do well in this GE13.

Well the many people that I bump into on the street including taxi drivers and friends had a very negative view of Barisan National (BN). I even have to listen to a fiery lecture from a taxi guy while on the way to work.

To get info about the going ons in Malaysia, many flock to the internet. Me no different, and it really open our eyes. Many of such news were just swept under the carpet and never published in the standard print media which are controlled by the current government. They are what  you call a propaganda machine.

Urban people with their online connection would have no problem to access such info, however for the rural folk, they are pretty much disconnected. Much of their info would be from the local dailies.

Anyway, this time the GE13 would be one of the dirtiest election ever with the so many phantom voters and the lopside spinning news by the local dailies in favour of the ruling coalition rendering the local papers unreadable. I still buy the Star newspaper but only to read about other things, local political stuffs best to throw it out the window!

So what are the chances of BN vs PR (Pakatan Rakyat)? The winds of change is blowing, and a political Tsunami has come. However the chance of election rigging is very high, so I would say about 50:50 for the election results. It could go either way. It would be a very close call. 

And when it is all over, I do hope Malaysia would progress on no matter who gets to be in charge. These are exciting times over here!

GE13 Final Results as per the SMS I got:

RM0.50 KEPUTUSAN PRU13 06-05-2013 16:50 :
PAR :- BN 133/222 ;

DUN :-
JOH-BN 38/56,
KED-BN 21/36,
KEL-PAS 32/45,
MLK-BN 21/28,
NSE-BN 22/36,
PAH-BN 30/42,
PEN-DAP 19/40,
PRK-BN 31/59,
PER-BN 13/15,
SEL-DAP 15/56,
TER-BN 17/32,
SBH-BN 48/60

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