09 April 2013

Bad Day, Parking Summon and Car Accident

When trouble comes, it comes in waves. And today was most unusual to have two in row. The first was my own fault for parking on a yellow line. It hadn't occurred to me that parking in residential area with a yellow line would be a parking offence. Most residential area with a no parking zone yellow line were usually not enforced. Unfortunately in Subang Jaya, I just couldn’t find a proper parking lot within the McDonald compound. So I thought I just parked by the road side. After all, there weren’t really many parking bays available and I did see many other cars parked outside.

I still had time for my next appointment so I thought I have a cup of morning coffee. After returning to my car, and there it was, a white slip of paper and a nice little tag hanging on my side mirror!

Arggh! An RM80 compound fine, that’s a very expensive parking spot! Anyway, my appointment was almost time, but I could not go directly as the tag hanging on my side mirror began to flap vigorously as I drove faster, making a very loud racket as the metal cable whacked my car right side.

MPSJ Summons Tag for bad parking in yellow line

No choice, had to detour and pay MPSJ to release the tag. One thing amount summons in Malaysia, you could appeal on the spot, so I “rayu” and could get a cheaper summons at RM20. Still it was an expensive parking, probably about twice the amount of that of a Kuala Lumpur regular parking in a shopping mall.

Yeah, I’m too used to PJ parking rate which were usually between RM1 to RM3 for the first few hours of parking in a shopping mall.

So after my sales call, it was time to move on back to office. Needed a pit stop as my bowel was bugging me. Coffee and milk always did that to me. I didn’t like public toilets and the weather was extremely humid these days. And since my home was along the way, decided to hop in and do it relaxingly.

Cars were a little congesting during the lunch hour, so along Jalan Masjid, some cars were trying to turn into the shops. While at the road T-junction, the traffic was slow, still it was my right of way. And this lady in an old Honda car just kept driving oblivious to the existence of my car!


Damn! She didn’t even stop and kept ploughing into my right front side of my car! I was so angry I came out and started scolding her! Why she didn’t know my car was there at all?

If she was in front I would have let her car through, but no, my car was at the T-junction intersection, and she just plough right through!

At first she didn’t even want to admit it was her fault, but several passerby did explain to her she was in the fault. Finally her brother came and it was decided it was her fault.

There were two options:
a) make a police report, she gets a compound fine and let the insurance settle the case
b) she bear the repair charge

For minor damage like this usually most people would opt for (b) as the owner would lose NCB (no claim bonus) and that would quite be a fair amount. But her car was old, and her insurance was a 3rd party one. So there was no NCB to begin with. On the other hand, insurance also took time to sort through.

Car accident with the front part of my car bent in!

Anyway, initially we went to her workshop, but the repair estimate was about RM800 for my car and RM400 for hers. And it would take 3 days to complete the repairs to my car. She was a little hard up for cash being a single mother and only earning from babysitting, she could ill afford such cost.

In the end we went to my usual auto repair shop at Jalan Tandang, and there the workshop gave her a good price of RM700 estimate and about RM300 for hers. The repair would be faster taking about 1-1/2 days to complete. Looks like my regular auto workshop still provide for the better value.

Anyway, she passed me RM400 first and would pay me the RM300 later. However I’m still thinking about collecting the balance RM300 from her, a kind of kinship as she was a Christian, and whether I should be a good Samaritan and have compassion to her plight and let her go (although I would keep the RM400 as a reminder to her to be more careful driver and do admit fault when it is clearly shows as is) or bent on justice and collect the balance RM300. RM300 was a lot, but not such a big deal for me, but to her it would be as she was struggling to make ends meet.

Bad day today, but as they said, God is in charge. How this would actually play out, I wouldn’t know. And that I would bump into a fellow Christian. She must have a lot in her mind to be driving absent mindedly. I was thinking if she didn’t crash into me, she would have crashed into others and the other party would not have let her off so easily. Perhaps this was the plan. It would have been better not to have crashed at all.

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