09 February 2013

Chinese New Year traffic jam!

Chinese New Year is just around the corner! Everybody is anticipating for the well needed holiday break to catch with family, relatives and friends, some of which have not met for an entire year! With any celebration, there will be traffic jam, the bane of celebrating any holiday celebration in Malaysia. Ouch!

Chinese New Year traffic jam!

The two days leading to the CNY weekend was a mass of cars in and around the Klang Valley as many people were rushing to and fro preparing goodies for their house, giving of CNY gifts such as mandarin oranges, ang pows packets, and of course last minute lunches and meetings with customers and suppliers.

It does create a very festive New Year mood but really the traffic were such a tedious affair. With the increasing vehicles year by year in Malaysia especially the big cities like Kuala Lumpur, every festivities including Christmas, Hari Raya, etc one would have to face such environmentally unfriendly smog polluting traffic jams!

Anyway, since I don't have to do any mad rush for "balik kampung" since my hometown base is here in the Klang Valley, it would be a nice quieter place in KL. Though nowadays many families have migrated to the big cities, there weren't any need to go back to hometown for family reunion. It used to be every festivities, Kuala Lumpur would become like a ghost town. Not anymore. However it would not be so congested though.

Anyway, looking forward to a long week break as my office would be closing for the week. Didn't make any plans for holiday travel. Didn't really want to, as such places like Penang would be severely congested. Going to keep it simple and quiet.

My missus may have some plans to go outstation during the week, which would be off-peak for Chinese New Year. Since not everybody get to have a full week off, as some would have to go back to work. So should be an acceptable drive for me.

Anyway, the week is still open and will just played it by ear.

Wishing all a Happy Chinese New Year!

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