18 January 2013

Cuti-Cuti Malaysia Blog on the go!

It's been awhile since I made any post about Cuti-Cuti Malaysia. Well it was not easy to juggle between work, family and travel blogging! I wanted something that I could blog on the go, but took it down because the template didn't match with the main website. Finally got around to fiddle with blogger template and managed to get an equivalent looking template!

Still got a little more tweaking to go. Some widgets were less useful than others, but came default with the blogger system. And it took a lot of work to get some section of the web page to work nicely together, bad alignment and not having a good grasp of the HTML/CSS coding and all.

In Malaysia, a simple web designer can't really get steady income. And most hobbyist and SMI can't really afford (or not willing) to pay top dollars to get their website designed. And many friends and work associate that I met up, seem to face very poor service from those web designer. First of all, those kind of prices are too steep for simple bloggers and SMIs. But the amount of work involved to design and update the site is tremendous but not able to generate the kind of exposure and income. Unless the company is fully geared to ecommerce and a website is its life and blood, SMIs and personal blogs cannot afford the fees.

Fortunately I have some basic web skills, just that it would take me a little bit longer to figure the codes and cobble them up together to get it to work. It takes some personal interest to learn how to do it. For the majority of the non-techie friends and associates, they have no choice but to hire part-time web designers who can't give the full attention to web designing and updating.

Anyway, my web blog is still a work-in-progress, and most likely it would always be WIP since tweaking and updating it is a never ending business!

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